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Based out of Nashville, Tennessee, Cristina Vane is taking the town by storm with her unique blend of blues and folk. Originally from Europe, she draws from such a great host of influences that it is impossible to compare her music to any one artist. That being said, she draws decisively from country blues, delta blues, and American folk music, creating her own flavor of the blues. Whether on the Venice boardwalk busking by the beach or on a stage in Mississippi, her signature resonator bottleneck playing and powerful vocals are unmistakable and unforgettable.

Before falling in love with the blues, Cristina spent her childhood and adolescence studying classical voice, music theory, piano and flute, ever consumed by music. She has love for many kinds of music, ranging from baroque classical to punk and metal. This theme continues throughout her career today; while she predominantly plays slide guitar, she employs fingerpicking, acoustic, electric guitar techniques, as well as clawhammer banjo playing. 

Cristina had been performing in the Southern California area for nearly four years when she embarked on a 5 month tour, summer of 2018. While Cristina spent summers gigging in both New York and London previous to her move to Venice, she had never traveled the United States extensively and found her tour to be a personal and musical success. Her effervescent and edgy personality make for entrancing live performances, which she has honed with hours of practice playing in venues across the country as well as busking for the public on Venice Beach for several years.  It is safe to say Cristina lives through music, it saturates her life and is, for her, a necessary vehicle for expression. 

Cristina has recently moved to Nashville, TN and is currently performing in the Southeast. She can be reached for booking at cristinavanemusic@gmail.com

Slide guitarist and singer-songwriter Cristina Vane has known the lighter and darker sides of Venice. SoCal's sunshine noir ripples through her music- a blend of folk and blues, angst and elation. [..] Since becoming enchanted by the blues, she's developed an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the musical genre, expertly rattling off idols like Skip James, Mississippi John Hurt, and Blind Willie Johnson..."”

- Christina Campodonico, The Argonaut Weekly (Mar 28, 2018)

"Venice Beach may be a far cry from the Mississippi Delta — historically known as birthplace of the blues — but slide guitarist and singer Cristina Vane has the uncanny ability to make a SoCal story sound downright bluesy.Since transplanting to Venice, Vane has toyed with the light and dark sides of Los Angeles in her particular blend of folk and blues, which she’s performed at the Abbot Kinney Festival and takes down to the boardwalk frequently." - Christina Campodonico, The Argonaut Weekly

"Any woman who makes music this good has a right to be Vane." - Steven Gwynne, local musician

Interview with Venice 3.1 magazine

"Look out for this hot new talent that just rolled into town with an unstoppable force. Raw blues from the heart!" - Stoney Boy Williams, local  bluesman

"Her voice resonates at a crystalline healing frequency. She is a gifted healer." - Wendy A. King, singer of local band Planets

"If ever anyone was wondering whether there could be a voice sounding even better than Joni Mitchell: right here one makes a find! This is outstandingly stunning! I wish I could give it a thousand likes." - Clouders For


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13 APR 2018                  TOUR SENDOFF JAM PARTY, CAIRO COWBOY, VENICE           4:20-10 PM


*With Cyndy Fike as duo Ladies of Sound


18 APR 2018                   *THAT CREPE PLACE, SANTA CRUZ                               9PM

19 APR 2018                   *BON TON L'ROYS SMOKEHOUSE, MONTEREY                7:30-9:00PM

20 APR 2018                   HOUSE CONCERT, OAKLAND                                      TBA

21 APR 2018                   *APTOS ST. BBQ, APTOS (SANTA CRUZ)                       4-6 PM

22 APR 2018                   *LIVE ON KPIG SANTA CRUZ                                  10 AM

24 APR 2018                   *NOISE RECORDS, SAN FRANCISCO                            5-7 PM

25 APR 2018                   *HOTEL UTAH, SAN FRANCISCO                                 8 PM

26 APR 2018                   *SAM BOND'S GARAGE, EUGENE, OR                             9 PM

27 APR 2018                   *ARTICHOKE COMMUNITY MUSIC, PORTLAND, OR          7:30-10:30 PM

28 APR 2018                   *SKIDMORE SATURDAY MARKET, PORTLAND, OR                 11-2 PM

28 APR 2018                   * THE RANGER STATION, PORTLAND, OR                         9 PM

29 APR 2018                   * C&P COFFEE, SEATTLE, WA                               3-5 PM


01 MAY 2018                   PIG BAR, OLYMPIA, WA                                       7PM

02 MAY 2018                   ROBIN HOOD PUB, UNION, WA                                  TBA

07 MAY 2018                   SUBSTATION, SEATTLE, WA                                9:45 PM

10 MAY 2018                   TIM'S TAVERN, SEATTLE, WA                                9 PM

17 MAY 2018                   THE BACK ALLEY PUB, GREAT FALLS, MT                        TBA

18 MAY 2018                   WILD JOE'S COFFEE SPOT, BOZEMAN, MT                       6 PM


25 MAY 2018                   FIRST ANNUAL BEAUPALOOZA, WILLISTON, ND                   8 PM

28 MAY 2018                   CAFE PARADISO, FAIRFIELD, IOWA                            8 PM

30 MAY 2018                   OCTOPUS COLLEGE HILL, CEDAR FALLS, IA                     9 PM

31 MAY 2018                   MOE'S TAVERN, CHICAGO, IL                              8:30 PM


02 JUN 2018                   SOFAR SOUNDS SHOW, CHICAGO, IL                         7:30 PM

05 JUN 2018                   BOBBY'S IDLE HOUR TAVERN, NASHVILLE, TN                  8 PM

10 JUN 2018                   THE CRYING WOLF, NASHVILLE, TN                           8 PM

15 JUN 2018                   DEE'S COUNTRY COCKTAIL LOUNGE, NASHVILLE, TN              TBA

16 JUN 2018                   THE MOUTH @ THE CAVERNS, PELHAM, TN                      6 PM

16 JUN 2018                   BLUEGRASS MOUNTAIN FEST, THE V ON MONTEAGLE, TN           TBA

20 JUN 2018                   PETRA'S, CHARLOTTE, NC                                   9 PM 

21 JUN 2018                   THE CROW AND QUILL, ASHEVILLE, NC                         TBA

22 JUN 2018                   NANTAHALA BREWING, BRYSON CITY, NC                    8-11 PM

23 JUN 2018                   ASHEVILLE GUITAR BAR, ASHEVILLE, NC                       TBA

24 JUN 2018                   SUNSET SESSIONS @ PARK TAVERN, ATLANTA, GA               8 PM

28 JUN 2018                   SMILEY'S CAFE, GREENVILLE, SC                   9:30-12:30 PM

29 JUN 2018                   THE COMMODORE, CHARLESTON, SC                         9:30 PM


07 JUL 2018                   CYPRESS AND GROVE BREWERY, GAINESVILLE, FL               7 PM

08 JUL 2018                   BLUE JAY LISTENING ROOM, JACKSONVILLE, FL                9 PM

11 JUL 2018                   NANA FUNKS, BIRMINGHAM, AL                            9-12 PM

14 JUL 2018                   SHACK UP INN, CLARKSDALE, MS                           6-8 PM

26 JUL 2018                   JOE BLUES, SAN ANTONIO, TX                            9:30 PM

29 JUL 2018                   AUSTIN EASTCIDERS COLLABORATORY, AUSTIN, TX            3-5 PM


02 AUG 2018                   TAOS MESA BREWING CO., TAOS, NM                          8 PM

03 AUG 2018                   THE BURGER STAND @ TAOS ALE HOUSE, TAOS, NM               TBA

05 AUG 2018                   COWGIRL B.B.Q., SANTA FE, NM                          8-11 PM

07 AUG 2018                   THE LAUGHING GOAT, BOULDER, CO                         8-9 PM   

10 AUG 2018                   TRIDENT CAFE, BOULDER, CO                             7-10 PM


01 SEP 2018                   FIELD TRIPPIN' FEST, TAOS, NM                             TBA

05 SEP 2018                   YUCCA TAVERN, TEMPE, AZ                                   TBA

07 SEP 2018                   XTREME BEAN COFFEE, TEMPE, AZ                          8-10PM

08 SEP 2018                   FLAGSTAFF BREWING CO., FLAGSTAFF, AZ                      TBA

21 SEP 2018                   HARVELLE'S, SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA                    8 PM



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for booking and press inquiries, please contact cristinavanemusic@gmail.com

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Merchandise is available online at https://cristinavane.bandcamp.com/merch

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Digging Cristina's sound? Here's how to get more: SoundCloud: cristinavane Instagram: @cristinavanemusic Twitter: @Cristina_Vane_ Website: www.cristinavane.com Get the We Heart It app: http://love.whrt.it/yt Follow us: http://facebook.com/weheartit http://twitter.com/weheartit http://instagram.com/weheartit http://blog.weheartit.com

Cristina Vane covers Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues at McCabes Christmas Show 2015.

Uploaded by Wayne Griffith on 2015-12-25.

With her blues essence and her incredible brass guitar sound, Venice Beach singer-songwriter, Cristina Vane, visits D.A. Recording Studios and performs her original song, "Damn Shame." Recording and Mixed by : D. A. Recording Studios Filmed and Edited by: D. A. Recording Studios
Radio Venice ... Fine Music | Sunday, February 7, 2016 Weekly Live Webcast from Breakwater Studios in Venice California This week's musical guests: The Proof, Cristina Vane and Michael Jost more at http://radiovenice.tv
Produced by www.Scholar.Media From Europe to our humble lil' beach travelled the young Cristina Vane, with a blues sound known to every country in between.
Radio Venice ... Fine Music | Sunday, November 15, 2015 Weekly Live Webcast from Breakwater Studios in Venice California This week's musical guests: Denmantau, Nadia Kazmi, Phil Pieters Smith, Neil Allesee, Michael Jost, Reinhold Schwarzwald and guests more at http://radiovenice.tv
Here's my latest song coming from you live from my very hot room. You can listen at /cristinavane too!

With her blues essence and her incredible steel guitar sound, Venice Beach singer-songwriter, Cristina Vane, visits D.A. Recording Studios and performs her original song, "Get Mine."